Being healthy is a way of life

I am an ACE personal trainer with additional certifications in plant-based nutrition (Cornell U) and the science of well-being (Yale U). I am an advocate of natural movement in defiance of our society. I prefer to use running, hiking, gymnast rings, my 10-25-pound maces, kettlebells, martial arts training, and sometimes kayaking to optimize my health. These practices can easily be done without reliance on a gym. I only have a membership for the use of a sauna.

I read books regularly, many having to do with wellness and health. For instance “How Not To Die” by Dr. Michael Greger on the top 15 causes of death and the foods that can counteract them. “Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement,” by Katy Bowman. “The Body: A Guide for Occupants,” by humorous science writer Bill Bryson. I’ve also read up on gut health and will add more books, as well as documentaries and other resources later on.

I’ve attended some conferences and workshops also. Such as Dr. Greger’s Nutrition Facts on Statins and Stints, also another on plant-based meats nutritional value. I was honored to have Dr. Greger respond to one of my questions while attending Plant Stock 2021.